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Project Overview

Creating & deploying a custom conference support iPad application

The Goal

Prudential hired Jack Morton to create a bespoke iPad application to support their 2011 Investor Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

The primary brief was to increase the perception conference attendees have of Prudential to that of a technologically advanced and greener company. All while actually decreasing year-on-year event costs.

The Challenge

A deceptively simple brief:

  • we want to use iPads
  • eliminate paper waste created by handing out printed presentations

Our Solution

We saw a greater opportunity to provide:

  • presentation slides in real-time to delegate’s hands
  • personal, daily agendas
  • full conference programme
  • attendee & speaker information
  • other logistical support

My Role

I served as the project director on this project – ensuring all aspects of the project were delivered on-time, on-budget, to the client’s expectations, and to Jack’s standards. Special focus was on upfront functional requirement documentation with the client, presenting all stages of review with the client, and guaranteeing the app and all required infrastructure was fit-for-purpose when used on location in Kuala Lumpur.


  • client kick off in London
  • creative direction
  • user experience direction
  • identify & oversee development partner
  • ensure delivery


I maintained oversight of all aspects of the entire delivery:

  • feature specifications
  • wireframes
  • designs
  • development
  • Q/A Testing

Wireframes & Design: Pedro Santo Development: Somo

PRU Brief


The brief from Prudential was very simple: we want to use iPads to reduce waste paper created by constantly reprinting presentations to give to conference delegates. The challenge for us was beyond just making it a reality but to justify it by adding value to the user experience.

To bring real value to the user, I conceived a set of features which would deliver against my idea of creating a personal conference assistant.

PRU Mobile App HomePRU Mobile App LoginPRU Mobile App MapPRU Mobile App MessagePRU Mobile App SessionListPRU Mobile App SessionPresentation


After receiving the initial brief from the client, I decided on a set of features and functionalities which would best serve to justify the technology requested from the client.

To support these ideas, my team quickly created a series of images which would visually represent each point to help sell the idea.

PRU Sitemap 2PRU Sitemap 5PRU Sitemap 6PRU Sitemap 10PRU Sitemap 11PRU Sitemap 12PRU Sitemap 14


Created by Pedro Santo under my supervision, these wireframes were presented to the client by myself numerous times before being finalised and delivered to our development partner, Somo.

PRU Mock HomePRU Mock SessionsPRU Mock SessionPRU Mock Activities Info PopupPRU Mock Event Map Level TwoPRU Mock Documents

The Designs

These designs were created also created by Pedro Santo under my supervision based on Prudential’s approved corporate guidelines.

PRU Registration Home

Reg Site Integration

To deliver its full potential, the iPad application needed to be seamlessly integrated with the delegate registration site. The site itself was built on the Delcim platform from IT Associates (one of Jack Morton’s partners) using an update of a previous year’s design. Once a delegate registered on the platform, their agenda information was then passed to the iPad user database via a CSV import.

PRU Testing Intro

PRU Testing 02
PRU Testing 03
PRU Testing 04

Testing & Debugging

Carried out in Jack’s offices on the actual WiFi hardware to be used on location, the testing and debugging phase was actually the most difficult of the entire process. While everyone on the team had lots of experience with creating mobile applications, websites, and data exchange, what no one had experience with was how they would all work together to deliver large images simultaneously to 90+ iPads all on the same network.

After a week of initial stress testing it became apparent the WiFi network which we had originally put in place was unable to properly balance the load of the iPads connecting to the network evenly amongst the access points. In the end, consumer grade Apple Airport Extremes were purchased and quickly configured to most efficiently distribute and manage all the connections.

The Working Application

A video walkthrough