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Project Overview

website & consultancy tool supporting Mobile World Congress

The Goal

In 2009, Ericsson hired Jack Morton to craft their entire presence at Mobile World Congress 2010 which included the content strategy, interior design, pre/post communications, and creation of on location support tools. The digital components of this larger project consisted of two parts: a website & a touchscreen consultancy support tool.

The Challenge

Demonstrate that Ericsson is leading the agenda in the future of telecoms for an all-IP world. Success will be measured in terms of the number of customers that attend, the quality of conversations with those customers, perceptions about the brand and sales / leads generated.

Our Solution

Created a unique space in which to explore and co-create the future with its partners, called Space to Think.
Bringing together inspiration, expertise and thought leadership, it is the ultimate business brainstorm environment, both an off-line and on-line experience, built around Ericsson’s presence at Mobile World Congress 2010.

My Role

My role was to conceive, define and deliver all digital components of the event – online and on location.

Additionally, due to the client having previously awarded the digital components to another agency, we were under a VERY tight time constraint for delivery of our pieces with the entire creative component needing to be designed, approved and handed over to the development team in just four weeks.


These are the roles I filled:

  • digital strategy
  • creative & art direction
  • user experience design
  • project management
  • client workshops
  • supplier workshops


These are the things I actually created:

  • sitemaps
  • wireframes
  • content maps
  • status updates
  • pitch visuals
  • non-site designs

Designs: Pete Williams Development: Zooma

Ericsson Mindmap Basic Structure


The client’s brief was clear – help define Ericsson as a change agent in the world and their client’s business at MWC.

To address this request I pitched using the visual device of a mindmap, a common tool used in brainstorming.

Client Workshop

After being awarded the project, we travelled to Stockholm where I ran a workshop with the client to identify the real root of the brief.

Ericsson Client Workshop

Content Map

To fulfill the concept of a mindmap, and in keeping with the nature of Ericsson’s content, I created a relational content map which visualised the nature of the connections between content.

Mouseover to zoom into more detail.


While the concept was to have all content be related and thus linked to another piece of content, we fully appreciated a number of users would need a more traditional form of navigation. This sitemap was used to establish this navigation.

Flash Wireframes

As the entire design process needed to be completed, approved and handed over to development team in under three four, these wireframes were completed in one day to quickly illustrate the structure of each section of the mindmap.

Ericsson Wireframe Sketches

Non-Flash Wireframes

As the client’s brief required an Flash solution and before Apple’s iPad redefined the validity of Flash sites, we designed an HTML backup site for users without Flash installed and mobile phones.

Homepage Promo Banner

This banner was created to feature on the homepage.

Ericsson Homepage Banner

Invitation Animation

This animation was created at the client’s request to express the idea that they were “building a space” inside La Fira. The creative was was conceived and developed in matter of a few weeks before the core creative had yet been agreed.


A straight forward screensaver created to help tie the screens in the space together with the over all concept.

Consultancy Tool


Ericsson Comp Home


Ericsson Comp Agenda


Ericsson Comp Session


Ericsson Comp Map


Ericsson Comp Map


HTML Backup

Ericsson Comp

Session Detail

HTML Backup

Ericsson Mobile Site Comps